Why Recotrust?

What is Reco.se?

Reco started out in 2007, focused on helping consumers finding great companies. We never believed in ads. We believe that people listen to other peoples experiences when they are about to choose a company. Apparently our users love to read about the companies before making a decision. In fact, our users spend several minutes a company reading reviews before they know which company to choose. Today, more than ten years later we’ve collected half a million verified reviews and we’re proud to present us as Sweden’s largest independent review website.

Why ecommerce?

66% of Swedes are expected to trade via an e-commerce 2017 according to PostNords annual survey. Of these, the entire 11% returned a product. We have long thought about how to know if an e-commerce is good before buying products from it. The only answers we found is the strength and relationship we have with the brand. But that isn’t a safe strategy either. Therefore, we have launched Recotrust, a brand new service that collects reviews from all previous customers to a specific e-commerce. This in order for us to always get an idea of ​​whether its an e-commerce to trust before we choose to check out the shopping cart.